Sydney <3

Birthplace: Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City),

Vietnam Status: Engaged

Age: 18, born in 1991

Type of vampire: Vegetarian, half human and half vampire

Nickname: Syd

History I was born in 1991 by Joham and my late mother Leigh Nguyen in Saigon, Vietnam. My mother died when I was born because of the pain and suffering she felt toward my birth. She loved me, but she just couldn’t survive. My father took me and my sisters in search of my brother, Nahuel. He refused to come with us and lived with his aunt instead. I lived with my father and siblings for 5 years, feeding on humans across the world. We were nomads and we didn’t stay long in one place. I was very smart and able to control the weather and the atmosphere in the air, but my father had other ideas for my talent. Because out of all my siblings, I was the only one who had any special abilities, I was responsible for making humans frightened by lightening and ferocious storms, so they could kill them swiftly and quickly. I was also very pacifistic. I would make them kill the humans for me and then I would be able to drink their blood. By the time we went to sunny California, which was a mistake, and I had to create a sudden storm, I was already starting to feel hostile toward my father. My sisters and I agreed that we should leave. I heard about the Cullens and their “vegetarian” lives; it intrigued me. I convinced my father that I wanted to be a nomad on my own. My sisters, unfortunately were not able to escape. I made my way to Forks, Washington, where I could meet the Cullens for myself. I was eager to start my life over, theoretically. That’s where I made life long friends and met the love of my own existence, who I yearn for day after day and cannot be patient enough until I enter his family as his beloved wife! He has taken by breath away and I will stay in Forks, where my friends are. There are days when I have to go back to my family and help them out with their own hard lives. Although my father has done very horrible things, he is still my father and I will be there for him and my siblings when they need me.


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