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Cliff Diving

Posted in RaNdOm!!! on April 26, 2009 by collinwolfboy

Cliff diving!


I went cliff diving with Leah, Jake, Alli and Lark today. I won an award for the Most Sloppiest Dive!!! XD


Swimming with Rosalie!

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Yesterday I went swimming with Rose 😀 

Although there was a lot of drama I still think it was worth it J


Did I mention I have a underwater camera?  

Cellphone Stalking

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This video is SOO scary!!!

Wolf Surfing!

Posted in RaNdOm!!! on April 25, 2009 by collinwolfboy

873677277_eba3a31430_b1No. I did not let humans surf on me… but i did go surfing, in wolf form!

NOTE TO SELF:: Never do that again!!!

We were at First Beach in La Push and Zafrina (yes, i was surfing with vampires) thought it would be funny if I surfed in my wolf form, so i tried it. And I fell off and hurt myself really badly :[ it sucks.

The Werewolf Song!

Posted in Spoofed Songs! on April 24, 2009 by collinwolfboy

The Werewolf Song:

Here’s a werewolf

There’s a werewolf

And another little werewolf

Fuzzy werewolf

Funny werewolf

Werewolf, werewolf



Werewolf, werewolf







Werewolf, werewolf



Werewolf, Werewolf



I was once a human

But now I’m not quite sure

Now, I hear about imprinting, and nope, I’ve not found her L

When I first just turned wolf

We had this bonfire thingy

We just ate and told stories

You know, just all the boy-ies (oh, and Leah)


Did you ever see a werewolf?

Kiss a werewolf, on the werewolf?

Werewolf’s werewolf

Tastes like werewolf…

Werewolf, werewolf



Half a werewolf

Twice a werewolf

Not a werewolf



Werewolf in a car





Is this how it’s told now?

Or is it all so old?

Are wolves made of lemon juice?





Now my song is getting thin

I’ve ran out of luck :O

Time to me to retire now and become a DUCK!


About Me!

Posted in RaNdOm!!! on April 24, 2009 by collinwolfboy

Hi!! I’m Collin Grae! I’ll tell you a little about me…

My mom’s name is Mary Grae, my dad’s name is Dan Grae. My dad, Dan, died when I was only six years old so now I live with my mom and my little sister Sara Grae in a little house in La Push. Sara is 8 and I’m 13.

I’m one of the youngest wolves in the La Push pack, along with my best friend Brady. I havn’t imprinted yet 😦

And thats about it…